Wedding Couple Questionnaire

Let's begin our conversation by getting to know each other a bit more! You've read all about us on our website, now we'd love to know a bit more about you two, your love story and your vision for wedding photography. We strive to connect to our couples on a deeper level, so we may truly prepare to capture the real and the genuine.

We look forward to getting to know you!

~ Alice


Tell me about yourself and your love story:


Sections marked by an asterisk * are required, while all others are optional (though I would be grateful if you took some time to write a few words, so we can truly connect!). Thank you!

Your wedding date *
Your wedding date
Your wedding day is the ultimate step of your fabulous love story. We are honored to capture it, and truly benefit from getting to know your story BEFORE the wedding day itself.
What do you love as a couple? To travel? To hike? To chill at home with a glass of wine and a movie? :)
We want to make sure we are a perfect match to you, so if you see favorite images or angles or edits within our portfolio, we'd love to know, so we may more clearly envision them for your own wedding's photography.
Tell us a bit more about them! Are they family or close friends?
We'd love to know who, so we may have a good idea of the wedding team we would potentially work with :)
Please write your preferred link. An Instagram feed is our favorite, but any other link would be wonderful. Thank you!
Vintage? Italian-inspired? Candle-lit romance? Bright and sunny outdoors? Greens and gold? Yellows and grey? We'd love to imagine your day well ahead of it!
This helps us determine your style even more! As well as the timeline for image editing and post processing :)