Traveling the world is truly a part of me.

Ever since I turned one month old (almost 40 years!), I have been on airplanes, visiting and living in many different places around the world. My parents worked for over three decades for the Italian Embassy, so it was a part of their lives (and subsequently, mine) to bounce from country to country. I became used to learning new languages, learning to love different foods, and learning to adapt and be assimilated into different cultures.

Because of this style of life, I call no one country my own, BUT I do love my Italy (from which my nationality is) and my United States of America (where my residency has been for many years). I have friends sparse around the world to this day, and to this day, I can visit every one of them and jump right back into where we had left off, as if time never passed.

I feel lucky to have had a life like this, and I can honestly tell you that I am completely addicted to moving around, visiting countries and cultures, hearing different languages and seeing diverse stunning sights! All the more reason for my insistence towards International Destination Weddings (two birds with one stone... My love of travels + my love of wedding photography, together!).

Since my upbringing is so involved with world travels, I thought to add simple galleries showing some of my favorite moments and scenery and details from the destinations I visit most often. I hope you enjoy what you see, and to spread the word to your friends and family about my eagerness to travel to destinations for professional photography! It is MUCH less complicated that you think, to take me with you, trust me! ;)

Ciao Ciao!
~ Alice :)

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