Bridal & Wedding Style Guide


Your wedding will be beautiful!

Part of what inspires us to photograph weddings year after year (since 2013!) is how happy and beautiful and unique they can be. Our couples range from formal, to casual, and everything in-between... But every single one of them is stylish and romantic and special, in its own way.

What means the world to you? A winter wonderland? Then you'll most likely marry in Central Oregon in the winter months (see the portrait above). Do you love to travel to far away lands? Then you'll most likely have a fantastic destination wedding in Tuscany. Are you a hip urban couple? Then downtown Portland will be your spot.

All of these examples (and many more!) are beautiful and unique to YOU. We are honored to be there with you to capture it all, and we are happy to help you plan the experience with our custom Wedding & Bridal Style Guide. You'll see advice on scheduling the day's photography, prepping for your engagement session and much more. We hope you enjoy!

~ Alice :)